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PRP In karachi here to help you in Getting rid of hair loss is no easy task; however deciding upon a certain procedure when dealing with hair loss is perhaps an even harsher obstacle. Elegance plastic surgery offers a relatively easier solution to the mammoth problem, i.e. The Platelet-Rich Plasma procedure. Thus one can get Platelet Rich Plasma in Karachi under the supervision of trained and experienced professionals. This process is carried out with the help of Meso guns and revolves around the impartation of numerous painless injections upon the patient’s skin. This process is generally preferred by those who do not want to take the surgical route, as through the PRP method one can easily reverse balding patterns without having to go under the knife. Through the Platelet-Rich Plasma, doctors essentially induce platelet activation, which in turn greatly accelerates the body’s natural healing processes. This process is not only used for battling hair loss but is also used for skin rejuvenation and healing scars. Thus the application of the Platelet-Rich Plasma in Pakistan is not just restricted upon the scalp, but can also be applied to other regions like face, neck, chest, knees, and hands. As of now, the PRP method stands as the most revolutionary hair growth method and has perhaps the best reputation when it comes to procedures of its kind. Elegance plastic surgery thus provides its customers a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to access and avail the PRP method, as it offers the Platelet Rich Plasma in Karachi at affordable prices.


The Platelet Rich Plasma procedure can be carried out through numerous instruments, but over at Elegance plastic surgery karachi, the technique is executed with Meso gun. When the treatment is applied on the scalp, it works like an elixir for hair growth of sorts. In mesotherapy, the plasma solution is harvested from the patient’s own blood. This elixir when imparted into the patient’s metabolism stimulates cell growth. The patient’s blood is then put into test tubes and ran through a centrifuge in order to make the solution concentrated. The PRP when injected upon a certain area, immediately starts affecting damaged or dead cells and attempts to heal and rejuvenate them. This imparts certain growth factors upon the dead tissue and accelerates cell regeneration. In certain cases, Ultrasound imaging is used to guide the doctor’s injections. The Meso gun adds to the productivity of this procedure as it helps to make the procedure as painless as possible and aids the stimulation of collagen and elastin as well. During this process, the final solution is prepared by separating the red blood cells from the plasma, with the help of a transparent centrifuge.


The biggest benefit of the PRP technique is that since it is the patient’s own blood that is used in the healing process, the chance of infection is highly minimal. The process through injecting platelets and stimulating growth triggers the regenerative properties of dead tissues and leads to healing and rejuvenation. PRP has an incredible impact upon the body’s natural healing tendencies, it is sometimes used near sutures, incisions or damaged skin in order to help with tissue regeneration. Another important benefit is that unlike the FUT and the FUE process, this method does not cause any apparent or visible scars, due to which it does not become obvious that the individual has had some sort of procedure done in order to stimulate hair growth. As this method is not as complicated as its counterparts, that is it revolves around the revival of tissues and stimulating growth, the speed at which the patient heals is faster than most other procedures. The process is also opted for by many due to the fact that it does not induce any sort of abnormal swelling, which results in the patient not only recovering faster but they can also see the results of their procedure sooner. As the procedure revolves around numerous painless injections and increases the numbers of platelets available at the site of impact, therefore, it does not result in severe blood loss. Unlike many other procedures, the procedure does not result in some sort of residual bruising or rupturing of blood vessels, the PRP instead, affects blood clotting factors in order to limit the severity of bruising and decreases the total blood loss. Other than that, due to the healing and rejuvenating powers of the PRP method, the overall texture of the patient’s skin is improved. However, as one may note from the above-mentioned list, this procedure is generally safe and does not usually cause adverse reactions or side effects.



Even though there aren’t many risks involved in the PRP method, there are certain considerations that need to be made before one decides to get the procedure done. The most common risk is that some patients complain that there is a sensation of tightness upon their scalp that can last about one day; some patients also complain about a mild headache that they experience the next day. Even though there aren’t many risks involving the procedure, there are certain individuals who must absolutely not get the procedure done, as not every person is suitable and eligible for PRP therapy in Karachi. If an individual has a history of smoking, drinking or drug abuse they should not receive PRP hair treatment. There are certain conditions, that render an individual unsuitable for treatment, these conditions include Hypofibrinogenemia, Sepsis, Thrombocytopenia, Chronic liver disease, Platelet dysfunction syndromes. Metabolic disorder, Systemic disorder, cancer, Chronic skin disease, and Hemodynamic instability. If an individual suffers from Acute and chronic infections, they also become automatically ineligible for PRP treatment.



As PRP in Karachi is a simpler treatment, it does not require a severely lengthy recovery time. Usually, the procedure involves no downtime and the patients can go about their lives as normal in a couple of days. However, in order to see the full effect of the treatment, an individual needs to wait longer. For the first few days, an individual might feel discomfort, pain or numbness, but that initial discomfort generally dies down after a few days. In order to ease the pain, the physician might prescribe the patient pain medication. A person can see the full effect of the procedure in four to six weeks, and in those weeks the body continuously labors to heal and fix itself. In the first two weeks, an individual must rest and keep their physical activities to a minimum, in order to avoid extreme stress or unintentional injuries. Following the procedure, an individual must apply and or ingest the medicines that have been prescribed by the doctor. In certain cases, the doctor might also prescribe oral multivitamins along with biotin. A high protein diet is recommended by doctors after the implementation of the PRP procedure. The time interval between two sessions of PRP treatment is about 2-3 weeks, usually, a person requires up to 4-5 sessions on average. Generally, patients experience complete relief from the discomfort in about three to four weeks following their session, however, one must keep in mind that each individual reacts to the serum and the injections differently and thus the recovery time and the period of residual discomfort may vary from person to person. With that information in mind, Elegance Plastic surgery offers Platelet Rich Plasma in Karachi, which is carried out by our team of trained and experienced professionals.



Some complications that might occur from the PRP treatment includes an acute ache or soreness at the injected region, usually, this pain occurs only at the surface of the skin but in certain instances, the pain may spread deeper and reach the muscles or even the bone. Although the blood used for the procedure belongs to the patients themselves and despite the fact that doctors are extra careful when it comes to the apparatus and serum sterilization procedures, in certain instances an infection might occur in the injected area. In certain cases, even after executing the procedure perfectly, the platelets may fail to properly stimulate the growth factors and end up yielding disappointing results. This anomaly might even give rise to acute pain or cause injury in extreme cases. In contrast to what has been said about there being less risk due to the procedure being done using the patient’s own blood, in some cases the patient’s body might downright refuse to accept the PRP and will ultimately react negatively to its own serum. Although this occurrence is extremely rare, it is not completely out of the question. Other than that, the procedure may also give rise to blood clots, as the process is done with Meso gun aided by a sonogram, there is a slight chance that the surgeon might accidentally damage a certain vein or artery by accident, which then gives rise to blood clots and other complications. In addition to that, in very few cases, the skin where the injections were applied might start to look bruised and swollen, this in certain cases is completely natural as certain patients have histories or track record of bruising, however, if one does not bruise easily or if the bruise that has emerged is extremely dark then they must contact their doctor immediately.


Cost of PRP treatment in Karachi varies across clinics, but it is advised to only choose treatments that suit your skin and hair. At EPS CLINIC KARACHI, the cost of PRP is PKR 10,000 to 20,000 per session depending upon if the PRP is being done for the scalp, face or both.

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