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Elegance offers various advanced options for treating ear deformity. If your child is suffering from these challenging condition, contact Elegance and fix an appointment with the team of skilled professionals. Elegance offers both non-surgical and surgical ear deformity treatment. The patented non-surgical treatment utilizing the advanced technologies has successfully treated large numbers of people suffering from this condition. With the ear deformities treatment offered by Elegance, one can treat common deformities like prominent ear, small ear, ear loss (trauma/by birth) cup ear, lidding, lop ear, conchalcrus and helical compression.

Ear deformities can be at times traumatic because of certain injuries and congenital. When the traumatic injury in the ear occurs, the professionals at Elegance at first performs a careful calculation to find if any type of tissue is missing.

Where each and every constituent part remains present, cautious suturing method may be the only thing that is needed for repairing the ear. When certain ear parts are missing, Elegance employs surgical processes for repairing the ear that is as same as techniques utilized in treating the abnormalities of congenital ear.

TYPES OF Ear Deformities

Ear deformities include wide varieties of abnormalities ranging from small to minor abnormalities in the shape of ears to the total absence of ear.Some common ear abnormalities are mentioned below:

Prominent ears

Constricted ear deformities

The expert professionals at Elegance manage a general/ local anesthesia for the surgery of ear deformity.As far as protruding ears are concerned, an incision is developed behind ears and existing cartilage as well as tissue is reformed. Ear deformity surgery meant for Microtia needs various surgeries over two years. Elegance has been offering ear deformity surgery since many years. The degree of ear deformity treatment repair affects the time of recovery. The doctors of Elegance advise patients undergoing this treatment that they might suffer from pain following the surgery. Some of the general symptoms associated with ear deformity correction are bruising and swelling.

Surgery for treating ear deformity is generally performed in the form of outpatient process in a surgery center or in a hospital. Occasionally, a doctor might suggest that the process can be done in the form of an inpatient process. If the patient who is undergoing an ear deformity treatment is young, the surgeon might suggest general anesthesia, so the person will sleep during the operation. As far as older people are concerned, doctors use local anesthesia mixed with a sedative. This keeps the patient awake but at the same time relaxed.

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