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caters to a diverse group of people looking for cosmetic options to correct their flaws. However, there are several misconceptions about this technique. Moreover, there are various kinds of methods used in the process. In the initial stages, liposuction was an invasive process requiring general anesthesia. Today with the progress in the field, fat deposits are removed from the skin where they persist. The fat is removed through vacuuming a hollow tube of stainless steel. Liposuction may be performed using local or general anesthesia or using intravenous sedation for cosmetic reasons.



Traditional liposuction or lipoplasty is carried out with the insertion of a cannula into the body of the patient for extracting the fat with the help of suction. The cosmetic surgeon outlines the area of the patient’s body requiring treatment, taking pictures for comparisons before and after the process. The patient is made to lie down so that an IV line can be attached. Vital monitors may also be used.

The patient is unconscious during the procedure. The surgeon makes a tiny incision or several of them for being suctioned. The incisions generally measure half inches and are made so as not to be visible. The cosmetic surgeon inserts a cannula within the incision or incisions. It is then directed manually within the body for fat extraction. The extra fat is suctioned out with the help of these tubes and accumulated into the waste receptacles. The process is repeated for each incision.

After the process is successfully completed, the cosmetic surgeon sews the sutures. Patients may go home on the very same day or stay on, depending on the suggestions of their surgeon. In that case, the doctors will monitor their progress and administer blood transfusions, if required.

Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic in Karachi, Pakistan offers different methods of liposuction. Dr. Faisal Akhlaq Ali Khan guides you through each step to help you secure the best and most satisfactory results. Some of the common liposuction surgeries performed at Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic include abdomen and tummy liposuction, arms liposuction, buttock liposuction, neck liposuction and thighs liposuction Across Pakistan.


If you want to obtain a beautiful look, visit the Elegance Plastic Surgery Clinic in Karachi, Pakistan for a pleasant shape. The results are so spectacular that you will even recommend the service to friends.


Liposuction in Pakistan


Tumescent liposuction, one of the most popular types of cosmetic surgery. It is a super wet technique that requires an infusion of a saline solution with adrenaline. A local anesthetic is used to numb the part of your body where the tube will be inserted. A large amount of anesthetic solution containing lidocaine and epinephrine is then injected into the adipose tissue before the traditional liposuction is performed. Tumescent liposuction may not require general anesthesia (putting you asleep through the procedure).


Laser-assisted liposuction uses the power and technology associated with heat and medical laser beams to liquefy the fat which is then sucked out of the area. This technique can be particularly helpful in removing fat from the upper abdomen, sides and back.

Alternatives to liposuction are: –

Follow a healthier, low-fat diet
Accept yourself for who you are – talking to a counselor or psychologist can help you overcome concerns about your appearance and decide that you like yourself the way you are.


If weight gain is becoming a problem for you and exercise and diet just hasn’t given you the dramatic transformation you would like, then VASERlipo can help. VASERlipo uses a precise, minimally invasive liposuction technology that produces effective results in just one procedure and the technology offers many advantages over traditional liposuction treatments. The procedure is tissue-selective, targeting fat while protecting other tissues from damage. It’s powerful enough to remove large areas of fat, yet gentle enough to treat sensitive areas such as the neck and arms. VASER Liposuction has been clinically proven to provide even results in treated areas, leaving your skin smooth and your body shapely.


Long-lasting results in a single procedure.
Safest and unique technology.
Only removes large amounts of pure fat.
Smooth skin, even on sensitive areas such as the arms and neck.
Effective results compared to other techniques.
Small incision of only 1 cm.


Body-Jet is a recent development in cosmetic and plastic surgery. This specialized liposuction technique is highly effective and gently washes away the fat cells in every part of the body with minimal tissue trauma. This technique, which is easier on the tissues, results in less bruising and swelling, putting patients on the path to a speedy recovery. Body Jet Liposuction can be used on a single area or on multiple areas in a single surgical session. Areas that can be targeted include arms, hips, thighs, back (top and bottom), abdomen, breasts, and butt, providing smooth desired results.


This technique, Body Jet Liposuction, is much easier on the tissues, resulting in less bruising and swelling. It is highly effective and more comfortable, with the advantage that patients are on the path to a quick recovery and a smooth, natural look.

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Breast Augmentation in Karachi, Breast Augmentation cost in karachi

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Breast Augmentation in Karachi, Breast Augmentation cost in karachi
Breast Augmentation in Karachi, Breast Augmentation cost in karachi
Breast Augmentation in Karachi, Breast Augmentation cost in karachi
Breast Augmentation in Karachi, Breast Augmentation cost in karachi
Breast Augmentation in Karachi, Breast Augmentation cost in karachi
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