Butt Augmentation in Karachi, Pakistan

Butt Augmentation process & cost in karachi, pakistan. If you want to enhance the lower part and not satisfied with your figure, butt augmentation can be the modern procedure designed for you. Widely done by both men and women of modern age, butt enhancement can be done easily through surgical treatment of fat transfer or silicone implant, as per patient’s convenience and need.


Butt augmentation is the surgical process in which patients can enhance the size of their buttocks. For those who have flat buttocks due to the inability to development of the proportionate gluteal muscles or fats, this treatment process is an effective way to try out. Butt augmentation is basically the method of reshaping your buttock and thighs in order to make it look fuller and tight. If you want to remove the sagging skin that arises due to sudden weight loss, aging and genetic reasons, buttock lift is the cosmetic surgery that can give you the desired result.


For those who have flat buttocks without proper accumulation of fat, silicone implants or fat transfer through surgery is the solution you might opt for. Surgeons repair the area either by injecting extra fat to the area or silicone bags to make it appear fuller and firm. On the other hand, some people suffer from sagging buttocks which demand for removal of excess skin to ensure corrections of deformities and defects. Body contouring and butt-lifting are the common treatment processes through which surgeons remove drooping skins to give you a firm structure.


Breast augmentation cost in Karachi, Pakistan around 1 lac 50 thousand to 2 lac rupees. Dr Faisal Akhlaq is the best plastic, cosmetic surgeon in Karachi, Pakistan.


Butt enhancement comes along with several associated surgeries such as tummy tuck and thigh enhancement. There are some processes that are widely used to ensure better buttock augmentation such as Gluteoplasty, liposculpture, butt lift, and more. Consultation with a good butt augmentation surgeon is a must for everyone who is planning to opt for the buttock enhancement process.


The Gluteoplasty process is one of the best methods of enlargement of buttocks for both men and women. Also known as fat grafting and Brazilian butt lift, this process is done through insertion in the buttock prosthesis that extends over the complete lower part, i.e. from hip bone to hip bone.

Nowadays several methods of butt incisions are gaining prominence which is less extensive and dramatic. In the butterfly butt lift process, short incisions are used and are more inclined towards the center of the area. The tenure for the recovery process is expected to be within 4-6-week; however, it largely depends on the post-surgical pain and complications that need to be considered rightly.


The concept of this treatment is quite simple and easy. It helps enhance the body structure better with a permanent surgical solution. Also known as liposuction, this process uses small instrumental devices to extract away excess fat from the buttocks. It is a permanent fat cell removal process that does not allow renewed accumulation of fat in the treated area. From removing excess fat and bulges to the transformation of the body symmetry, liposculpture is the best surgical process to avail.

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Breast Augmentation in Karachi, Breast Augmentation cost in karachi

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Breast Augmentation in Karachi, Breast Augmentation cost in karachi
Breast Augmentation in Karachi, Breast Augmentation cost in karachi
Breast Augmentation in Karachi, Breast Augmentation cost in karachi
Breast Augmentation in Karachi, Breast Augmentation cost in karachi
Breast Augmentation in Karachi, Breast Augmentation cost in karachi
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