When we start aging, the elasticity and underlying collagen of our skin starts breaking down which in turn develops wrinkles. Our face starts losing subcutaneous fat. This causes a hollow and skeletal appearance. Acne scars fat grafting is a treatment by which we can restore our youthful look. This treatment does not involve skin removal, skin stretching or face lifting. Fat grafting can be united with a face lift, if that is what is needed. There are some physicians who perform stand-alone facelifts that includes fat grafting. The utilization of autologous materials, which is significantly tissue taken from any part of the body is not a good idea and has been widely used in treating several conditions or defects caused because of birth defect, trauma and disease.

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Fat grafting is also known as facial fat rejuvenation, free fat transfer, fat transfer and fat injections. It is defined as a procedure in which a small amount of fat is taken from a specific part of the body and then replaced it in other parts, wherever needed. The fat can be implanted to nasolabial folds, lips, areas under the eyes, cheeks, breast and several other parts of the body and face. This treatment is not much invasive and helps in correcting issues like acne scars. As far as injectable filler is concerned, it is always better to use your own fat. Some of the advantages associated with using your own fat are it fells natural and soft, it does not give rise to immune related issues. And more importantly they are live long whereas the filler no matter how good it is remains maximum for 2 yrs.

One of the biggest disadvantages associated with this treatment is the body develops a tendency to absorb it to a certain degree. The volume of fat implanted and absorbed by the body varies depending on the technique by which they are transferred. You should contact a plastic surgeon and discuss the options and what you want. Make sure that the surgeon understands your needs.

One should be both emotionally and mentally stable for undergoing this cosmetic treatment. You can have fat grafting on any areas of the body and face. However, the most common areas where this treatment is used are the temples, lips, chin, forehead, glabella (the part over the nose and in between the eyebrows), hands , breast etc. This treatment can also be used to fill the scars on the face, buttocks and hips.

This treatment involves the area from where the fat is taken and the area where it is placed. Some people are offered an oral sedative and injection of lidocaine, epinephrine and sterile saline. Surgeons suggest make up should be avoided for few days after undergoing this treatment. The total cost of acne scars grafting varies depending on the methods followed.

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